Government Partnership

Why Are Your Local Government and the Master Builders Association Partnering on Built Green®?

The local government partners, including King County, Snohomish County, and the City of Seattle each have a mission as stewards of our region's environment to protect our water, land and natural habitats. The Built Green Program complements the environmental messages that local government already promotes regarding water conservation and water quality, recycling and the use of recycled-content products, and habitat protection, just to name a few. It promises to be a productive partnership that promotes environmental protection and innovation at the same time.

The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties is committed to the goal of building affordable homes to meet consumer demand in the Puget Sound region. At the same time, as we all become more aware of the effect our lives have on the region, the Association is eager to work with knowledgeable partners to control our impact on our environment. The Built Green program encourages builders to provide and consumers to seek homes that are more environmentally - and family-friendly. Built Green homes are designed and built with an eye toward protecting salmon, reducing energy consumption, controlling resource use, and improving the residents' health. By partnering with our local governments, we can thoughtfully address these issues together and find acceptable solutions to housing and construction issues.

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