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Building and development projects are qualified using one of five Built Green checklists, depending on the type of project and are organized into environmentally friendly action categories. Builders, remodelers, architects and developers use the checklists prior to construction to determine which features to include in the home. When construction is complete, builders and their verifiers send a signed copy of the checklist to the Built Green, certifying that the home identified in the application contains the identified features.

Single-Family New Construction Certification Checklist

Single-family, custom and production new construction

Remodel Certification Checklist

Additions and renovations of existing structures

Multifamily Certification Checklist

Multifamily residential new constructions, such as apartments, condominiums

Green Communities Certification Checklist

Neighborhoods and developments

Home Refit Certification Checklist

Home remodels

Emerald Star Level Checklist

are available for your reference to guide you through the checklist.

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