Third party verification is required for all certifications. A third party verifier performs the role of an independent, neutral entity in conducting evaluations/ verifications for use by the Built Green program. The primary objective of third party assessments/ verifications is to authenticate both the information provided by builders on the Built Green checklists and the builders' assertions of having achieved a specified level of performance. Independent verifiers are hired by builders for added assurance that submitted checklists accurately reflect the work performed.

The verifiers follow an itemized checklist of criteria to verify based on the Built Green checklist. Verifiers also adhere to a Code of Ethics. View the Basic Built Green Certification Process Diagram.

Current Third Party Verifiers

Balderston Associates, Tom Balderston
(206) 715-6865

BuiltWell Co., Corey Fitch
(206) 714-4632

Carlisle Classic Homes, Brian Cowan
(206) 782-7070

The Construction Consultants, Diane Glenn
(425) 709-6100

Ecoe Company, Elizabeth Coe
(360) 731-8309

Evergreen Certified, Tadashi Shiga
(206) 491-7111

Evergreen Certified, Sean Conta
(206) 251-8569

Green Dog Enterprises, Pam Worner
(206) 883-6688

O'Brien & Company, Chris Edlin
(206) 621-8626

O'Brien & Company, Alistair Jackson
(206) 621-8626

Performance Insulation & Energy Services, Preston Kuckuck
(503) 598-8001

Rushing, Alexandra Ramsden
(206) 285-7100

Watershed LLC, Michael Laurie
(206) 567-5492

For an application to become a Built Green verifier, please download and submit form.

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