Code of Ethics

Verifier Code of Ethics

Statement of Purpose

The accredited 3rd Party Verifiers of the Built Green Program are committed to providing quality and professional service to their customers and the public. This Code of Ethics sets forth principles and rules of conduct enforced by Built Green through specific procedures contained in its Accreditation Standards.

This Code of Ethics is a minimum standard applicable to all accredited.

Principle 1: Professional Conduct

  • Verifiers shall commit to objectivity and neutrality in verifying a checklist
  • Verifiers shall not engage in any conduct that is detrimental to the reputation or the best interests of the Built Green Program.
  • Violations of this Code or other concerns regarding the professional conduct of Verifiers shall be reported in writing to the Executive Committee for review. The Executive Committee will if necessary make a recommendation to the Director for remedial action.
  • Verifiers shall at all times comply with the technical standards and procedural requirements applicable to their business and professional activities in accordance with the Built Green program.
  • Verifiers shall commit to ongoing professional development and education to advance theirknowledge, education, training, and experience, so that customers and the public can be assuredof receiving competent and reliable services from verifiers.

Principle 2: Representation of Services and Fees

  • Verifiers shall make no representations regarding their services or qualifications that are false ormisleading in any material respect.
  • Verifiers shall fully disclose all applicable charges, as well as the general scope and
  • Verifiers shall not inspect for a fee any property in which the Verifier, or the Verifier's company,has any financial interest.

Principle 3: Conflicts of Interest

  • Verifiers shall avoid conflicts of interest with regard to their professional activities and financialinterests. When a Verifier becomes reasonably aware that an actual or potential conflict ofinterest exists, the Verifier shall not provide services until full disclosure has been made to theclient and Built Green, and the conflict is waived in writing by the parties.
  • Verifiers shall not allow an interest in any business to affect the results of their verification of ahome.
  • For 5-star Built Green projects, a verifier conducting a 3rd party verification shall not verify a homeon which s/he is also working in another capacity (except for working to certify a home for EnergyStar)
  • This will ensure that the verifier is a completely independent* third party.
  • A verifier may not be an employee or have any financial interest or be a partner of the homebuilder/remodeler whose home they are verifying.


Download the Verifier Code of Ethics agreement here and email (preferred), mail, or fax it back to us.

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