Why Built Green

Built Green is a voluntary, home building program designed to create market distinction for builders who incorporate the "green" building practices in their homes. A project can be awarded 3-, 4-, 5- and Emerald Star certifications, with all levels requiring third party verification. The Built Green logo and the program behind it will bring real value and meaningful benefits to both builders and homeowners.

Built Green Focuses on Green Features Consumers Want

Consumer surveys show a rapidly increasing interest in environmentally friendly or "green" home features like those promoted through the MBA's Built Green program. Today's homebuyers seek greater comfort and health, increased durability, and the satisfaction of knowing they are protecting the environment. This has been clearly demonstrated in our successful Built Green program, where over 23,000 units have been certified in King and Snohomish counties.

It Shows You Are Willing to Do More

You are probably including many Built Green features in your homes already. By offering a home certified in the Built Green program, you help consumers instantly recognize the extra care you put into building their home and into protecting our environment. The Built Green logo tells them you're offering a structure that's extra energy-efficient, healthier indoors, and crafted with superior workmanship.

It's Fish Friendly

In recognition of the ESA listing of Pacific Northwest salmon species, the Built Green program includes more than 150 items tied directly to salmon protection and preservation. These proactive, cost-efficient strategies will enable you to incorporate building practices that protect our salmon for years to come.

It Opens the Door to Green Mortgages

Several lending institutions have begun pilot loan programs that offer "green" mortgage financing to consumers whose homes meet specific "green" criteria, including energy efficiency. In addition, Built Green's waste reduction practices are designed to help your competitiveness and bottom line by helping you to reduce costs.

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