How to Go Green
Go green. A little or a lot.

Every little bit is a step in the right direction to all homes eventually going 100 percent green.

Let's Get Started

Find a Builder, Developer or a Remodeler
Locate a builder who builds Built Green-certified homes.

Research Features
Decide what kind of green features will best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Choose Green Materials and Technologies
Have your builder use eco-friendly materials and energy efficient technologies to give you the best cost-effective mileage for your budget.

Certify Your Home as Built Green
Work with your builder to get your home certified.

Little Steps

  • Use environmentally preferable products and cleaners
  • Adopt waste prevention and recycling practices
  • Install EnergyStar® labeled light bulbs
  • Use a high-efficiency pleated furnace filter of MERV 12 or better

Bigger Steps

  • Use non-toxic alternatives on interior finishes
  • Select pervious materials for driveways, walkways and patios
  • Install EnergyStar® rated appliances
  • Landscape with drought tolerant plants

Materials that last a lifetime reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills