Brothers K Development, 4-Star Single-Family Home

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Vital Stats
Location: Fremont
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Singlefamily
Verifier: Evergreen Certified
Section Points
Site and Water 78
Energy Efficiency 86
Indoor Air Quality 58
Material Efficiency 32
Total Score 279

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Written by: Heather Pierce, Account Manager & Policy Advisor, Evergreen Certified

4315 Evanston Ave. N. is a new 4-Star Built Green residence located in the lively Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Designed by Conflux Architecture, this modern concept home features an open floor plan that takes advantage of natural lighting and rooftop living.

The 1,799 square feet of conditioned floor space is comprised of three bedrooms, two full baths and two ¾ baths with a bathroom on every floor of this home. The craftsmanship of the home's interior and fixtures shows, from the white oak floors to the stunning porcelain tile mantle. Karl Krispin and Brother's K Development challenge the cold stereotype often attributed to modern built homes by highlighting the warmth and texture of natural materials like wood, quartz, and the balance of light and functional design.

Site and Water

This home maximizes natural light on all levels. It uses clearstory glazing to open up lake and mountain views and utilizes floor-to-ceiling windows to capture as much light as possible year round.

The landscaping features a permeable paved driveway that leads to a one car garage, and the walking paths around the perimeter of the house are also permeable. Deep mulch beds provide a rich growing environment for a number of indigenous and drought tolerant plants and trees. In addition, the installed bioretention cells strategically placed around the property filter pollutants and mitigate the load of stormwater runoff that needs to be managed at the municipal level. No turf grass was planted on site, and attractive cedar plank beds and fencing provide an inviting curb appeal to the property.

All four bathrooms feature Toto dual-flush and high-efficiency toilets and Grohe fixtures that maximize modern comfort with the highest performance in water conservation.

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Star-rated Takagi TK-Pro technology space and domestic water heating system provides a highly efficient and comfortable indoor environment. The energy modeling for this house demonstrated that 4315 Evanston performs 32-percent better than 2009 Washington State Energy Code. The Argon double-glazed Atrium windows offer advanced protection against the winter cold and capture solar energy throughout the house. A gas cooktop and Energy Star-rated Kitchen Aid appliances, from the dishwasher to the refrigerator, are featured in the kitchen and CFL and LED lighting were installed throughout the house.

Indoor Air Quality

Low- and no-VOC paints and finishes, formaldehyde-free trim materials, hardwood and ceramic flooring and "Whisper lite" Panasonic fans minimize the damaging effects of mold, dust and other indoor air pollutants within the house. Also, operable windows were installed to promote cross-ventilation.

Materials Efficiency

Hardie, TPO, rapidly renewable wood products, quartz countertops and millwork with long life spans were installed to reduce the efforts needed for maintenance and repair and lengthen the lifespan of a given house. This reduces waste and expense that a homeowner must account for and increases the equity and return on investment. In addition, Brother's K took care of all waste during both the demo and construction phase at 4315 Evanston Ave. N. by hiring a company to recycle their waste responsibly and at at-least a 75-percent rate through delivery of their recyclable waste to the construction, demolition and land clearing debris (CDL) station.

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Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff