Turnkey Builders, 4-Star Multifamily

Turnkey Builders
Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Multifamily
Verifier: Tadashi Shiga,
Evergreen Certified
Section Points
Site and Water 160
Energy Efficiency 76
Indoor Air Quality 99
Material Efficiency 72
Total Score 407

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Written by: Ellen Cole, Built Green Coordinator

EcoFlats- College Park is a new 4-Star Built Green development, located at 1121 and 1123 N 92nd St in Seattle. It is only a few blocks from North Seattle Community College. This residence features condo-quality studios and one bedroom apartments. Located within walking distance to Rapid Ride E Line; a downtown connector, this residence is a convenient and attractive place to live. These apartments showcase modern living with sustainability in mind.

Site and Water

  • Green Factor score of .631
  • Drought tolerant plants were planted
  • Use of bio-retention planters
  • Non-toxic outdoor materials used for landscaping
  • All native topsoil was retained on site
  • No turf grass was planted
  • WaterSense certified showerheads and faucets were installed in all bathrooms
  • The kitchen is equipped with WaterSense certified faucets
  • Low flow toilets used in all units

Energy Efficiency

  • 28.8 percent above 2009 Energy Code
  • Energy Star® refrigerator in every unit
  • Maximized daytime natural light in all units
  • Energy efficient washing machine in every unit
  • No air conditioning
  • Motion sensor exterior lighting
  • Use of LED or Energy Star® compliant CFL lighting
  • 95 percent efficient Triangle Tube for water heating

Indoor Air Quality

  • Low VOC paint
  • No carpet installed to improve indoor air quality
  • Permanently installed track-off mats at common entries to the building
  • Roxul Comfortbatt® moisture resistant insulation was used
  • Installed interior trim and molding with no added urea formaldehyde

Materials Efficiency

  • Sent at least 85 percent of jobsite waste to a comingled recycling facility with 75 percent recycling rate
  • Installed locally and regionally produced materials, including windows and lumber
  • Chose materials with a long durability
  • Did not use any endangered wood species
  • Installed no vinyl siding or exterior trim

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Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff