Green Canopy Homes, 4-Star Remodeled Home

Woodcrafters Construction
Vital Stats
Location: Ballard, Seattle
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Remodel Certification Checklist
Verifier: Evergreen Certified
Section Points
Site and Water 78
Energy Efficiency 87
Indoor Air Quality 109
Material Efficiency 69
Total Score 343

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Case study written by Heather Pierce at Evergreen Certified.

What can you do with a harsh, stucco-clad bungalow in Ballard? This 1911 home was thoughtfully reimagined by Green Canopy Homes and reconstructed into a charming yet modern home with light and bright spaces, a stunning communal kitchen addition and vestiges of reclaimed features throughout.

This 4-star Built Green certified home, nicknamed Arabella, was gutted and rehabbed - maintaining 75 percent of the original structure. The project was carefully deconstructed, with building materials source separated and recycled on site. This process allowed the team to harvest framing lumber to reuse as a feature wall, highlighting the history of the original home.

Arabella was in desperate need of systems upgrades and originally tested in at an Energy Performance Score (EPS) of 37,000 kWh per year - nearly 10,000 kWh over the Seattle average. Green Canopy replaced each system, incorporated a ductless heat pump, rigorous insulation and air sealing, as well as spot energy recovery ventilators to maintain fresh air in the new super tight envelope (3.7 ACH @ 50 Pascals). The project finished out with an EPS score of 16,000 kWh, reducing energy costs by over $1,400 a year!

In addition to deep energy efficiency upgrades, Arabella exemplifies intelligent site design and finishes. Drywells and a rain garden infiltrate 100 percent of stormwater on site, and the new addition's low impact, post-and-pier foundation minimizes site disruption. Arabella's stylish "pickled" cedar siding was dipped in a natural wood treatment that never has to be reapplied and patinas for protection. It's better for the environment and also less hassle for the happy new homeowners!

A remodel project such as this one is always an impressive feat. Though the process takes thought, the final product is a beautiful, renewed home that will give the homeowners more comfort, less hassle and reduced bills!

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