Cascade Built, 5-Star Single-Family Home

Cascade Built
Vital Stats
Location: Madison Valley, Seattle
Star Level: 5-Star
Checklist: Single Family New Construction Checklist
Verifier: Evergreen Certified
Section Points
Site and Water 128
Energy Efficiency 157
Indoor Air Quality 109
Material Efficiency 84
Total Score 525.8

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Cascade Built's View Haus 5 is Seattle's first Passive House-constructed townhome project, delivering healthy indoor air, thermal comfort and quiet in the city's urban core.

Designed by the award-winning b9 Architects, View Haus 5 is named for its five distinct home designs that share views of the Cascade Mountains. View Haus 5's 5-Star Built Green certification and compliance with the rigorous standards for design and construction set by the Passive House Institute US significantly reduces heating and cooling energy use by up to 90 percent.

View Haus 5 is a mix of uniquely designed modern 3-story 2b/2ba and 3bd/2ba townhomes ranging between 1,100 and 1,700 sq. ft. that bucks the trend of cookie-cutter townhomes with individually designed units.

These innovative 100+ year homes are built to last using top-of-the-line mechanical systems including a Mitsubishi mini-split heating and cooling system, Zehnder HRV, and Energy Star appliances. Durable finishes include exterior reclaimed barn wood cladding, Paperstone stair treads and site salvaged fir millwork.

Inside, homeowners enjoy an open floor plan, large windows, double-height spaces, all LED lighting, an induction cooktop, zero VOC paints, and custom, locally-made cabinetry, high performance European tilt and turn windows from Zola and unit-specific electric car charging conduits. Outside, ample outdoor spaces exist to extend private and communal living, and include a central common courtyard and private rooftop decks with a gas BBQ piping option. 

Cascade Built is a pioneer in developing the city's most sustainable homes and townhomes. The company also introduced its own HVAC division this year, Cascade Climate Control, in order to design and install the highest performance integrated HVAC systems in super-efficient homes such as these, where traditional HVAC contractors aren't filling a market need.

Cascade Built's high performance homes attract homeowners who value a higher quality of life with healthier indoor air, superior thermal comfort, quiet and a lower carbon footprint - not to mention much cheaper energy bills. Its buyers and homeowners share the company's core values and mission to care for our future and the environment as well as an interest in continuing to live happily.

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