Clearwater Commons Home - 5-Star Single-Family

Vital Stats
Location: Bothell
Star Level: 5-Star
Checklist: Single-Family
Verifier: Tadashi Shiga, Evergreen Certified
Section Points
Site and Water 202
Energy Efficiency 136
Indoor Air Quality 142
Material Efficiency 113
Total Score 654

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Completed in June 2016, Unit 12 is the seventh Clearwater Commons home. According to the developers, the Clearwater Commons is an intentional, ecologically-responsible residential community. The project began in June 2006 when a group of families - who were also future homeowners - banded together and purchased the 7.4-acre site on North Creek in Bothell. Wetlands, forest, garden space and a salmon-supporting creek all adjoin the homes onsite. Clearwater Commons ultimately will consist of sixteen single-family homes plus a common area.

The community's design is indicative of its community values and mission of low-impact development. Neighbor interaction is directly facilitated by a design that includes pedestrian walkways, community gardens, benches, shared tool sheds and play spaces. The nearby stream was also carefully restored to act as healthy salmon habitat.

Unit 12, at 1,832 sq. ft., is Clearwater Commons' largest unit.  The home contains three full bedrooms and two bonus rooms and overlooks a large wetland area. Its many green features include recycled products, a Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilator, ductless mini-splits, hybrid hot water tank, cork and natural Marmoleum flooring, and PaperStone┬« recycled content counters.

Checklist highlights include:

Site and Water

  • Use of a pin foundation system that minimizes the foundational material and footprint
  • Built in a low impact development (LID)
  • Extensive environmental mitigation and restoration on site with a ten-year plan for conservation and maintenance of the creek area with the county
  • Exclusive use of native plants with many existing plants onsite preserved
  • Rain gardens
  • 100% pervious materials used
  • Rainwater collection cistern on site

Energy Efficiency

  • Basic elements of passive solar design
  • Ductless mini-splits
  • Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • LED lighting
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • Pre-piped for solar hot water and for solar PV

Health and Indoor Air Quality

  • No carpet
  • Zero VOC paints and surface finishes
  • Shoe removal area
  • Ductless space heating
  • NAUF cabinets

Materials Efficiency

  • GreenGuard certified cork flooring
  • Marmoleum
  • Steel roof, very durable
  • Built-in recycling area
  • Fiberglass composite windows

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Barry batt

Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff