Cascade Built - 5902 Ballard

Cascade Built
Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Multi-family
Verifier: Written by Sean Conta, Evergreen Certified
Site and Water167
Energy Efficiency89
Indoor Air Quality111
Material Efficiency85
Total Score452

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Known for their advanced building techniques and high-performance homes, Cascade Built recently completed this 35-unit multifamily project in the Ballard neighborhood. The building features reclaimed siding, an efficient envelope, and interior finishes that contribute to healthy indoor air quality.

Using foam (or other insulation) on the exterior of a building increases the insulation value of the wall assembly while also reducing thermal bridging through the wall. This is known as "continuous" insulation as it is not interrupted by framing members. This technique also serves to reduce any risk of condensation on the interior side of the wall sheathing as it is kept warmer in the assembly. Using exterior insulation increases cost and complexity, but Cascade Built felt the benefits over the lifetime of this building outweighed the short-term construction challenges.

The most visually striking aspect of the project is the reclaimed barn wood siding. Attached over a rainscreen system, it is a durable and beautiful product that is reused. Interior finishes include Forbo Marmoleum flooring, which is a natural product made from rapidly renewable wood, jute and linseed oil, and Green Label Plus carpet in select common areas. Rooftop decking is a composite bamboo product called ZomeTek. 

Energy-efficient features include Navien high-efficiency tankless hot water heaters coupled with low-flow plumbing fixtures, LED lighting throughout, and tall floor-to-ceiling windows in each unit for generous daylighting.

5902 Ballard represent the shift to denser housing in neighborhoods like Ballard. Cascade Built has managed to provide this in a visually pleasing building that will perform efficiently for many years to come.

Checklist highlights include:

Site and Water

  • 100% pervious hardscaping
  • No turf grass
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Drought tolerant landscaping

    Energy Efficiency

    • Continuous exterior insulation-polyiso foam
    • 0.96 EF Navien tankless water heaters
    • Liquid-applied flashing
    • LED lighting throughout
    • ENERGY STAR® appliances

    Health and Indoor Air Quality

    • NAUF millwork
    • No carpet in units
    • Natural Marmoleum flooring
    • CRI Green Label carpet
    • Low VOC paints & finishes

    Materials Efficiency

    • Reclaimed barn wood siding
    • Marmoleum flooring
    • ZomeTek bamboo composite decking
    • Recycled content insulation

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      Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff