Batt + Lear Major Remodel with Net Zero Ready Energy Design

Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 5-Star
Checklist: Remodel
Verifier: Tom Balderston
Site and Water73
Energy Efficiency170
Indoor Air Quality141
Material Efficiency148
Total Score532

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Located in Northeast Seattle, this remodeled single-family house was completed by Batt + Lear. This house met the requirements for 5-Star level for Built Green certification. The innovative heating/hot water system in this remodel uses a CO2 based heat pump rated at over 400% efficiency. The project has a modeled energy savings of 51.7% above an equivalent home built to 2012 Washington Energy Code. By incorporating Net Zero Ready design methods, this home surpasses the energy efficiency of many new construction projects in Seattle.

Unique to the project is the fact that the couple and their two kids plan to live in the home for life. The remodel was designed to save the fig and apple trees in the yard as well as the interior, now flooded with natural daylight which also causes the house to glow like a lantern at night. The shape of the roof and overhangs also encourage passive heating and cooling to conserve energy.

Batt + Lear is an active member of many cutting-edge building and trade associations. They believe in sharing information, lessons learned and best practices with other designers, builders, manufacturers and policy makers. Batt + Lear has certified seven different projects with Built Green, most of them 5-Star.

Built Green highlights include: 

Site and Water

  • Retained 100% of healthy trees on site
  • Designed efficiently to infiltrate all storm water on site with zero runoff
  • Installed a vegetated roof system of over 500 sq. feet to reduce impervious surface
  • Water efficient fixtures installed, including TOTO toilets rated at one gallon per flush

Energy Efficiency

  • Sanden ultra-high efficiency heat pump
  • Hydronic heating system
  • Drain water heat recovery system
  • Solar PV ready
  • 100% LED lighting
  • Tight envelope, with a blower test score of 1.43 ACH50
  • Induction cooktop

Health and Indoor Air Quality

  • Low VOC paint, caulks, and adhesives
  • Use of plywood and composites with no added urea formaldehyde
  • No new carpet
  • Large mud room and a dog wash porch!

Materials Efficiency

  • Use of rapidly renewable bamboo
  • Use of deconstruction to dismantle existing building(s) for reuse
  • Heavy use of salvaged building materials
  • Use of local materials
  • Used FSC sustainably harvested wood, including for sheathing, beams, flooring, cabinets, and decking

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    Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff