Denizen Development Group Third and Valley Townhomes

Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Single-Family/Townhome
Verifier: Pam Worner, Greendog
Section Points
Site and Water 105
Energy Efficiency 107
Indoor Air Quality 107
Material Efficiency 81
Total Score 452.65

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Located in the highly desirable Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, these 16 townhomes showcase the many green building principles that Denizen Development Group has integrated into its standard practices.

From the start, the project was designed to keep Seattle green with planted roof areas, vegetated walls, and bio-retention planters. Other major goals included energy efficiency, water conservation, and durability. High-performance spray foam and BIBS insulation plus a full exterior rainscreen ensure a solid, long-lasting shell. These features, combined with ductless heat pumps, tankless water heaters, WaterSense plumbing fixtures, and LED lighting, substantially reduces gas, electric, and water bills. Overall, the units are projected to use almost 30% less energy than code allows. Care was also given to supporting the local economy: eight components in each unit were regionally sourced, from the drywall and windows to the countertops and cabinets.

These townhomes don't just save the owners money; they also enhance their lifestyle. CARB II-compliant cabinets and millwork, zero-VOC paint, and CRI Green Label carpet all contribute to a healthy indoor environment, while motion-activated exhaust fans keep the air fresh. Roof decks and covered patios encourage outdoor activities, and the convenient location features excellent bus service, safe bike lanes and bicycle storage, plus a "Walker's Paradise" Walk Score of 94. With all these features, the residents of the Third and Valley Townhomes can look forward to enjoying the benefits of green, low-impact living for a long time to come.

Built Green highlights include: 

Site and Water

  • Amended disturbed soil with compost to restore soil environmental functions
  • Green roof system
  • No turf grass
  • High-performance, low-flush toilets
  • Designed to promote pedestrian-friendly, safe neighborhoods

Energy Efficiency

  • Ductless disturbing heating system
  • Zonal controlled heating system
  • Tankless water heater
  • 100% LED lighting
  • ENERGY STAR washing machine 

Health and Indoor Air Quality

  • Low-VOC paint and finishes on all interior surface areas
  • Used plywood and composites with no added urea-formaldehyde
  • All carpet certified by a third party for indoor air quality

Materials Efficiency

  • 90% jobsite waste taken to commingled recycling facility 
  • Installed locally produced sheetrock, lumber, trim, cabinets, windows, countertops, siding, and doors
  • Used environmentally preferred products with third-party certification
  • Used FSC sustainably harvested wood, including for decking
  • Donated, gave away, or sold reusable finish items and moved leftover materials to next job

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Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff