Meridian Builders' Bayview Apartments

Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Multi-family
Verifier: Chris Edlin, O'Brien
& Company
Section Points
Site and Water 136
Energy Efficiency 81
Indoor Air Quality 134
Material Efficiency 74
Total Score 425

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The Bayview Apartments is a 4-Star, Built Green property located just blocks from the University of Washington main entrance.  This 20-unit project is four stories of residences over open air structured parking. The result is a successful 4-Star certification and a healthy, efficient place to live and learn.

Built Green highlights include: 

Site and Water

Water conservation is achieved through flow and flush fixtures that exceed WaterSense specifications. On the building's exterior, water savings are fully addressed via 100% drought tolerant plantings and no turf grass on the project. This allows a no-irrigation approach once the plantings are established. 

Roof water is collected into a bioretention planter at the front of the building. This will absorb and delay typical rain event runoff rather than immediately sending stormwater to the sewer system and potentially overwhelming the wastewater treatment plant.

The heat island effect is mitigated through high-albedo roofing material on 100% of the roof.

The project location is within blocks of the University of Washington and numerous amenities and services on University Way and in University Village. This includes local and regional bus service and the Sound Transit Link light rail University of Washington station, all within easy access by foot or bike. A garage storage area is available for those bikes. For a cost-conscious student, this aligns with a car-free lifestyle.

Energy Efficiency

Energy performance was accomplished through:

  • Unvented roof and a well-installed air barrier, which produced a whole building leakage test result half that of building tightness required by the state
  • Intermediate framing in the walls
  • Efficient lighting design and 100% LEDs, including reduction in lighting power densities in all areas of the building
  • Central, high-efficiency domestic hot water system-two 9% efficient, instantaneous condensing natural gas heaters
  • Fixtures that exceed WaterSense specifications reduce hot water use
  • Whole-house ventilation system with ENERGY STAR fans designed for flows set to ASHRAE 62.2 minimums for proper ventilation rates with indoor air quality and energy in mind. This system, together with good air sealing, allows for more effective ventilation which transfers to less corridor ventilation needed
  • Single-loaded corridor allows for natural ventilation, eliminating a mechanical system
  • Locating one of the building stairwells outside of the building reduces the need for conditioning and impacts of the stack effect
  • ENERGY STAR compact refrigerators in each unit
  • During construction, air sealing and insulation installation were scrutinized to create a more efficient, durable enclosure.

Health and Indoor Air Quality

Several strategies were employed to create a healthy living space:

  • Properly sized, highly efficient fans provide individual, continuous, and quiet (low-zone) unit ventilation which leads to better indoor air quality within the space and, in the end, a more durable structure
  • Low-VOC paints and construction adhesives
  • GreenGuard Gold batt insulation, no carpet in units
  • Flooring products meet both Green Label Plus and FloorScore certifications

The products used reduce indoor pollutants which come from off-gassing building materials.

Materials Efficiency

  • Regionally produced cabinets and windows
  • All lumber was sourced from within 500 miles of the site
  • Common area carpeting contains higher than standard recycled content
  • Intermediate framing techniques reduced the amount of framing necessary
  • A well-designed and installed building enclosure to create a durable, longer-lasting building

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Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff