Energy Performance for Comfort and Savings

Conscientious contractors use energy efficient protocols beyond the State Energy Code to build your home, including:

  • Advanced framing uses less lumber, but also provides a shell that allows better insulation of corners, headers (above doors and windows).
  • Most places where air leakage occurs are hidden, so good sealing is important but often invisible. A blower-door test can help identify leaks or verify a tight seal. Ducts are an often overlooked source of leaks for conditioned air. Ducts should be sealed and if they are not located in a conditioned space, they should be insulated.
  • Good solar design allows winter sun to reach a 'thermal mass', such as a tiled floor, which holds the heat and radiates it into your space when it's needed. It also keeps the same sun from overheating that space in the summer through properly sized window overhangs and deciduous trees.
  • A heat recovery system can capture heat from exhaust air or from drain water.
  • High efficiency equipment will bear the ENERGY STARĀ® label.
  • Added insulation in the attic, floor, and walls, along with high performance windows will maintain a comfortable space temperature.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses