Indoor Air Quality Matters

Indoor Environmental Quality Matters

  Low- or no- emission paints were used throughout the Built Green Idea Home by Bennett Homes.
  Controlled ventilation and durable, low maintenance finishes contribute to a safer, healthier home.

Built Green homes can offer improved environmental quality through well-designed ventilation and careful selection of materials and products. With improved indoor environmental quality your family will enjoy:

Fresh Air 24/7
Today's homes are built air tight to meet the state Energy Code. As a result, your new home can feel stuffy. Opening the windows in winter won't solve the problem. In fact it can make it worse.Controlled whole house, energy efficient ventilation means you have fresh air when and where you need it, even in cold weather, without paying an energy penalty or introducing unwanted moisture.

Reduced Health Risk
The American Lung Association (ALA) of Washington links a variety of physical symptoms, ranging from mild to severe, to inadequate or poor air quality. Mold, mildew, dust, and other pollutants are the culprits. A well-designed Built Green home is the solution.

Better Long Term Value
A healthier, safer home will maintain better value in a region where health and indoor air quality ranks as a top priority for homebuyers. It's an excellent investment.

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your home is contributing to a healthier, safer future.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses