Indoor Air Quality Matters

Green Construction Details in a Healthier Home

Conscientious contractors use healthy protocols to build your home, including:

  • Installing low or no emission materials from insulation to paints, sealants, and adhesives to reduce toxic off-gassing.
  • Storing wood materials in dry areas, and diverting roof top and surface water away from the home to prevent mold or mildew growth indoors.
  • Using electric instead of gasoline, diesel, or kerosene machinery indoors, and well-ventilating work areas during and after applying paints and finishes to reduce toxic emissions.
  • Using partitions and negative pressure to separate construction areas from occupied or finished areas, centralizing wood cutting activities, and thoroughly cleaning ducts and furnaces at project end to reduce dust and particulates.
  • Installing durable products that don't attract dust and clean up with low-toxic cleaners.
  • Minimizing the use of pressure-treated lumber,and installing low maintenance, recycled plastic lumber instead.
  • Planting naturally pest-resistant native and drought tolerant plants in healthy soil to reduce toxic chemicals in the landscape.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses