Investing in a Green Home Makes Sense

Green Construction Details That Add Value

Conscientious contractors use various practices that may be invisible to you, but add a lot, including:

  • Achieving significant waste prevention and reduction and savings by recycling construction waste and using reclaimed
  • Storing materials in secure, protected, and dry places to prevent damage from weather (and accidents from vandalism).
  • Using standard dimensions, engineered wood, and stacked floor plans during design, plus creating detail lists and plans for framers during construction to reduce the overall volume of lumber used, and to reduce the volume of waste.
  • Installing long lasting products like siding or roofing with 40-50 year life spans.
  • Installing Energy Star ® heating/ventilation equipment, appliances, lighting, and roofing material to reduce electrical energy costs.
  • Installing high performance low flow fixtures for the kitchen and baths.
  • Installing native and drought tolerant plants in amended soils to reduce irrigation, fertilizer use, weeding, and pest management.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses