Landscape for Living

Landscape Design Matters

  The PSE Built Green Idea Home features a roof garden as a patio off the master bedroom and a rain barrel to capture and store rain during the wet months for irrigation in the dry months.


Built Green homes can offer yards that protect your family and our beloved waterways and wildlife. With improved landscape design your family will enjoy:

Healthy Wildlife
Storm water is rain that falls on developed land and runs off into nearby waterways, carrying with it pollutants like lawn chemicals, bacteria, oil and grease, and excess nutrients (from fertilizer). It can also gain heat from falling on paved surfaces. All of these factors degrade the quality of water that our Northwest wildlife depend on for a healthy life. Having a "salmon-friendly" yard helps our wild neighbors survive and thrive. Your yard presents a chance to provide life's necessities for birds, bees and butterflies and other bugs that help pollinate our flowers and add beauty to our lives.

Better Long Term Value
If trees offered no other benefit than providing us with oxygen to breathe, that would be enough. But they can also add up to 20 percent to your property value. A single mature tree can provide nearly $300 in energy and resource values in terms of cooling, erosion and pollution control, and wildlife shelter. Built Green Homes aim to protect trees and natural vegetation during construction.

More Time & Money
Putting the right plants in the right place and developing good quality, healthy soil means 50 percent less watering in summer, less need for chemicals, and less waste to worry about.

Family Health
Having fewer and less toxic chemicals around the house and your yard reduces the risk of exposure or accidental ingestion by children.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses