Landscape for Living

Ten Actions You Can Take for a More Natural Yard

During Construction:

Let your builder know that a natural landscape and low impact site development are high priorities for you and your family.

Refer to a Built Green checklist and ask your builder to highlight actions they are taking to preserve the ecological health of your yard.

While Living in Your Home:

Avoid toxic products for moss, weed and pest control; a little tolerance and a lot of alternatives can keep poisons out of our ecosystem.

Choose plants that are disease-resistant and drought tolerant. Native species are usually a good bet.

Plant 'thirsty' plants together and mulch them well to make the most of the irrigation you provide.

Plant areas that mimic the forest (ground cover, shrubs, trees); no mowing and less weeding.

Use grass seed blends for the Northwest. They are drought tolerant and need less mowing.

Use a mulching mower that puts grass clippings back into the lawn for fertilizer.

Start a compost pile for yard wastes.

Use safe outdoor lumber to create decks, patio and seating areas to enjoy your beautiful yard!

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses