Winning Ways with Water

Ten Actions You Can Take for a Water-wise Home

During Construction:

Let your builder know that water conservation and protection are high priorities for you and your family.

Refer to a Built Green checklist ask your builder to highlight actions they are taking to preserve and protect water.

While Living in Your Home:

Check for and fix leaks in faucets, toilets and pipes.

Limit or eliminate lawn, and where there is lawn choose drought tolerant varieties.

Mulch exposed soils in garden beds.

Add aerators to faucets that aren't already low flow.

Install some rain barrels at your gutter downspouts to harvest rainwater.

Use drip hoses to irrigate when necessary.

Avoid outdoor chemicals and fix oil and other fluid leaks on the car to prevent contamination of runoff.

Amend soils with compost to a depth of 8-13" to increase their ability to hold water.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses