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January 2013


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Northwest EnergyStar

Featured Project

Featured Project
View the case study here.

Dovetail Inc.
Julia Place - Seattle, WA

Julia Place Apartments is a new, five-unit apartment building located in the heart of Capitol Hill in Seattle. Designed by David Vandervort Architects and built by Dovetail General Contractors LLC, Julia Place is one of the first multifamily buildings to take advantage of Seattle's newly-revised low-rise multifamily code. Under the new code, this project was allowed additional dwelling unit density and building height, reduced parking requirements and more flexibility for building placement and design considerations.

To work sympathetically with its neighbors, Julia Place was conceived as a large house, using a gabled roof form to tie into the small apartment buildings and townhomes immediately adjacent. The building stretches from east to west, with extensive southern exposure for all dwelling units. We took advantage of the long, narrow configuration by providing cross-ventilation in all dwellings for summer-time cooling.

Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 5-Star
Checklist: Multifamily Apartments
Verifier: Tom Balderston, Conservation Services Group
Section Points
Site and Water 200
Energy Efficiency 224
Indoor Air Quality 147
Material Efficiency 125
House Size Multiplier 1.0
Project Total Score 696


Our client brought to the project a desire to make the building very resource efficient. While this is not a net-zero project, many measures were taken to improve the energy and water efficiencies of the building well beyond current codes. The owner requested that durability and low maintenance be a priority for the design of the building. Beyond the wish to reduce energy and water use, our client also brought a desire to provide for the under-served in the local community. Three of the five apartment units are available to a lower-income tenant. One of the units is planned as a fully accessible, type A dwelling unit. This project is now complete and fully rented.

During design, we analyzed several different options for envelope improvements and heating systems, investigating both individual and combined HVAC options. During our discussions, it was learned that the owner was very interested in providing radiant floor heat as a feature of the building. As such, the decision was made to use hot water for space heat.

The heating system installed at Julia Place features a highly efficient air-to-water heat pump linked to a set of thermal pre-heating panels. The hot water is used for both space heat and domestic uses. A high-efficiency gas boiler is used to boost heat output on unusually cold days.

In addition to the solar thermal panels, the pitched roof supports a 6kW PV array that partially offsets the power demand by the entire building.


Roofs: R-49 ceiling (blown cellulose or hybrid)
Walls: R-25 walls (R-21 batt ADV framed w/ R-4 foam exterior sheathing)
Floors: R-45 framed (batt), R-10 slab (fully insulated)
Windows: U=0.32 (fiberglass double glazed, low-e)
Ext. doors: U=0.25 (fiberglass w/ low-e glass)
Infiltration: ACH = 0.32
Lighting: All lighting in the building is Energy Star rated fluorescent or LED
Appliances: All appliances are Energy Star rated


The street on which Julia Place was built has no storm sewer available. As such, the city initially asked for a storm sewer extension to be installed as a condition of the project. Given the small size of our building, this would have been an onerous requirement. At the same time, the owner was interested in providing a significant quantity of rainwater for re-use. By maximizing rainwater catchment and utilizing intensive LID (low impact development) measures, we were able to reduce storm water flows to such a degree that the city eliminated the requirement for the storm-water sewer extension.

Harvested rainwater for Julia Place is stored in the crawl space under the building's main footprint. Two 60" diameter pipes are used to store rainwater, collected from the roofs only. The tanks provide 5,800 gallons of rainwater storage. The water is filtered at several locations and pumped to the dwelling units for laundry and toilet uses. The water is also used to meet a significant portion of the irrigation demand for the site. If the tanks empty out during the year, an automatic control switches to city water until the tanks are filled up again.


Julia Place Apartments is a fine example of an environmentally forward thinking building that is sensitive to its context.

Photos courtesy of Michael Shopenn Photography, David Vandervort Architects, and Dovetail General Contractors LLC.

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BG Member Spotlight

We'd like to recognize our four oldest member companies, who have been with us since 2000! Thanks for your support for our organization and for green buildings!

Greenleaf Construction Inc.
Construction Consultants of WA LLC
Specialized Homes LLC
Quadrant Homes

Are you a member of Built Green and the Master Builders Association? If so, your company is designated with a small, green tree on the Master Builders Association's website, which signifies you as a Built Green member. Your company is also listed on the Built Green website.


New Certifications

Congratulations to:

Dovetail Inc. for certifying their new 5-unit multifamily apartments, called Julia Place, in Seattle as 5-Star Built Green. This is the first certified 5-star multifamily project! Please see this month's case study for details!

Chandler Homes LLC for certifying their new single-family home at 235 Lake Ave. W. in Kirkland as 4-Star Built Green.

Pulte Homes for certifying 20 new single-family homes at 9216, 9220, 9224, 9228, 9302, 9310 and 9326 Nye Ave. SE; 9504 and 9508 Elm Ave. SE; 34105, 34101, 34027 and 34023 SE Mahonia St.; and 9327, 9325, 9326, 9330, 9416, 9420 and 9426 Satterlee Ave. SE in Snoqualmie Ridge (Eagle Point) as 3-Star Built Green.

Polygon NW for certifying 13 new single-family homes at Forest Ridge in Issaquah Highlands as 3-Star Built Green.

Greenleaf Construction Inc. for certifying eight new single-family homes at 5011 47th Ave. W. and 2653, 2651, 2649 and 2647 22nd Ave. W. in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

YWCA for certifying their new multifamily apartments at 949 NE Ingram Way at Issaquah Highlands as 4-Star Built Green.

King County Housing Authority for certifying their new 65-unit multifamily apartment complex and the community Seola Gardens in Seattle as 3-Star Built Green.

Green Canopy Homes for certifying their remodel project at 6339 51st Ave. S. in Seattle as part of the 20/20 Refit Challenge.

SRM Development for certifying their new 234-unit multifamily project, called The Lyric, at 230 E. Broadway in Seattle as 3-Star Built Green. See this month's case study for more details.


Member News

Award-Winning Homes by Local Builder Donna Shirey Featured in New Book: PreFabulous + Almost off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy Independent Home
Two new-construction projects from long-time builder and remodeler Donna Shirey are featured in a new book, "PreFabulous + Almost off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy Independent Home," by Sheri Koones. The book features Shirey's 5-Star Built Green Zero Energy Idea House at Bass Cove in Bellevue, Wash., and her Rosemary Beach Platinum House in Florida.

Shirey's energy-efficient homes and 28 others from around the U.S. make the case for how high-performance green building can be good for people, the planet and profits. The book, which includes multiple images of the exterior and interior of each home, reveals how homeowners can achieve similar results with efficient floor plans, emerging technologies and planet-friendly materials.

Detailing a variety of proven eco-building strategies appropriate to homeowners' goals, jurisdictional requirements and local climates, Koones' book is targeted to architects, homeowners and the home-construction industry. The book, which includes a forward by actor, environmentalist and philanthropist Robert Redford, is available on Amazon as a hardcover and e-book.

Town Hall with University Bookstore:
We'll be doing a panel discussion with two local architects and a local builder on Jan. 25 at 6 p.m.


MBA & BG News

Built Green and the NW EcoBuilding Guild are partnering up to bring you the Northwest Green Home Tour 2013!

Building on the success of the green home tour over the past couple of years, Built Green is partnering with the NW EcoBuilding Guild to bring you an even better event on April 27, 2013! With over 1,200 people visiting the tour's homes in 2011 and 2012, participating in the tour will provide a great opportunity as a builder to show off your latest green project or as a homeowner to share what it's like to live in one!
There are four ways to participate:

  1. Showcase Your Project (new construction, remodel or projects under-construction)
  2. Showcase Your Services/Products through Sponsorship
  3. Volunteer Your Heart Out
  4. Attend and Tell Your Friends to Attend

Looking To Hire?
Master Builders Career Connection can help. Association members can now make jobs visible to targeted candidates in their area by listing employment opportunities for free on their new-and-improved website,, which is designed to connect students, educators and people within the construction industry with potential employers, scholarship opportunities, grant opportunities, relevant resources and classes and skills training. So take advantage of this great resource. Visit the site and click "Jobs" to set up your free account.

Built Green Portfolio Analysis 2008-2011 by City of Seattle
Report identifies the most commonly implemented sustainable design strategies and evaluates the impacts of innovative Built Green-certified single-family and townhome projects on the city's infrastructure and resources over time.


Trends & Numbers

Monthly green-certified home sales statistics have been provided by Ben Kaufman of GreenWorks Realty from his ECert Report. The data covers King County and Seattle and compares homes with an environmental certification to those without based on sales price, square footage and time-on-market differences for homes built in 2007 and later. The environmental certifications include Built Green, Northwest Energy Star Homes and LEED for Homes. The predominate certification in the region and in the report is Built Green.

Historical data shows certified homes in King County and Seattle sell at a higher price, are smaller in size and, in some instances, sell in shorter market time. The data represents a clear snapshot of the metropolitan green-home marketplace and has been referred to in studies and reports across the country and internationally.

GreenWorks Realty broker Ben Kaufman compiles the ECert Report based on Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) sales data. Visit the ECert Report for more information.

Green Homes Trends & Numbers Click on the graph above to see a larger image.

Green Homes Trends & Numbers Click on the graph above to see a larger image.

Green Homes Trends & NumbersClick on the graph above to see a larger image.

Green Homes Trends & NumbersClick on the graph above to see a larger image.

Green Homes Trends & NumbersClick on the graph above to see a larger image.



Seattle Greendrinks
Feb. 12, Seattle
Founded in 2003, Seattle Greendrinks' main event remains a monthly informal social-networking gathering. This gathering remains the core of Seattle Greendrinks' work. All are welcome to join us the second Tuesday of each month starting around 5:30 p.m. The goal of our group is pretty simple: we aim to create a space that fosters connections and good times shared among people working in (or interested in) environmental and sustainability issues.

Seattle Home Show
Feb. 16 to 24, Seattle
The Seattle Home Show is the Northwest's largest consumer home show with everything for the home, indoors and out, at two annual shows in downtown Seattle at CenturyLink Field Event Center. The spring and fall shows present hundreds of exhibits, including builders, remodelers, the latest appliances and fixtures, decorating, and landscaping, everything from floor to ceiling and beyond. Attendees also enjoy special features, including seminars and wine tasting. Be sure to stop by the Built Green booth to learn more about our program!

The Green Advantage- How to Market and Sell More Homes /Remodeling Services Using GREEN Fundamentals
Feb. 27, Bellevue
This lively breakfast seminar discussion with several GREEN visionaries will help you understand what your green advantage is (and it is so much more than just a few energy upgrades) and how to successfully use it to generate more business in green building, remodeling and real estate sales.

Our talented panel with expertise in health, valuation, energy, green building programs, and real estate sales and marketing will help you understand green buyers, (and they are not all the same) how to identify them, what they are willing to pay extra for and how you can use green features to help sell real estate, remodeling services or new Built Green homes.

We'll also hear why City of Kirkland and other municipalities encourage GREEN demonstration projects and how they benefit builders, home owners and residents. Finally we'll hear from the Master Builders and the NWMLS about exciting new tools and programs that can help builders and realtors properly identify and sell green homes and communities.

Northwest Green Home Tour 2013
April 27, 2013
Third annual Green Home Tour -- a FREE all-day event, co-sponsored by Built Green and the NorthWest Ecobuilding Guild
Contact Cate O'dahl, Event Lead (Seattle Chapter) at (425) 670-1342 or by email for more information.

Decon 13
April 29 to May 1, Seattle
DECON '13 is directed toward businesses specializing in demolition, deconstruction, architectural salvage and used building materials; as well as C&D material recyclers; architectural, engineering, and construction firms, remodelers, green builders and related professionals; government organizations; LEED® professionals; university students and those in commercial real estate development.

This is the only comprehensive national event dedicated to promoting best practices, case studies and industry advancements among the building material reuse, deconstruction, and C&D recycling communities.

Early-bird registration for DECON '13 is now open! BMRA is also soliciting Sponsors and Exhibitors. For further information, please see our website, and/or contact conference co-chairs Ali Kingfisher or Anne Nicklin,.



Classes listed below are approved workshops for fulfilling the annual Built Green education requirement for certifying projects.

Introduction to Built Green®
Feb. 12, MBA Housing Center, Bellevue
This class will provide an introduction to the Built Green program. Learn how to certify a project, use the checklist, join, navigate the program and take advantage of our other resources. It also presents examples of Built Green projects and covers how to fill out the Built Green checklist. This orientation costs $30 and is required in order to certify homes as Built Green. Register here.

Stormwater BMPs for Construction (CESCL) and Recertification Course
Jan. 29 and 30, AGC Office, Fife
These training courses teach contractors current techniques for successfully managing erosion and sediment on construction sites. In addition, the newest information on complying with federal, state and local regulatory requirements for stormwater is presented in an easy to understand format. Participants completing this class will receive certification or recertification as erosion and sediment control leads for the Washington State Department of Ecology. Register here.

Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training
Feb. 26, Issaquah
This course examines the most up-to-date techniques in the management of sediment and construction sites. Students who attend will receive recertification of their Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead Training Certification (CESCL) status from the Washington State Department of Ecology. Participants will also benefit from a dynamic interaction between traditional lectures and hands-on exercises. The course covers the essentials of being a certified lead and includes information on how new regulations will impact CESCL job functions. Upon completion, students will know how to simply and confidently comply with federal, state and local regulatory requirements of stormwater management.

Sustainable Design Choices that Save $$
Feb. 27, Des Moines
Sustainable Design Choices can be affordable! When planned early in the process, integrated design can lead to a healthy, resource-efficient home, all within a realistic budget. Learn how to make the most of the resources nature gives you in any style of residence and how to create a home for a resilient future.
Four Program Takeaways:

  • Healthy material choices for indoor air quality
  • Simple passive solar techniques
  • Importance of locally sourced materials
  • Planning strategies for rainwater collection and use

R.S.V.P. by calling (253) 839-0121


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Built Green

There are four levels of sponsorship available to support the Built Green program, all tax deductible. To find out more about becoming a sponsor of Built Green, please see the sponsorship overview and the individual sponsorship plans. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, please email the Program Director or call (425) 460-8230 for further information.

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