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May 2013


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Northwest EnergyStar

Featured Project

Featured Project
View the case study here.
Photos courtesy of Vicaso.

Greenleaf Construction

Project: 4-Star new construction and a Built Green Refit on existing home - Ballard, WA.

Vital Stats
Location: Ballard
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Single Family and Built Green Refit
Verifier: Tadashi Shiga, Evergreen Certified
Section Points
Site and Water 91
Energy Efficiency 92
Indoor Air Quality 56
Material Efficiency 87
House Size Multiplier 1.05
Project Total Score 342

On this Ballard site, Greenleaf Construction saved and completed a Built Green Refit on the existing home on the property, while adding two new 4-Star units in a great example of combining density with historic preservation. The green refit of the existing home started with improving the homes energy efficiency with an energy retrofit. The home was air sealed and leakage tested, and the attic was insulated to R-44. The existing single-pane windows were replaced with double pane windows with a U-value of 0.29. A new tankless gas water heater was installed, along with an Energy Star refrigerator and high efficiency light bulbs for at least 50 percent of the homes lighting. Water pipes were insulated, ducts were sealed with low-toxic mastic and programmable thermostats were installed.

As a measure to reduce both water use and energy efficiency, low flow showerheads were installed in each of the showers, as well as a water-wise dishwasher and low flow toilets. Outside of the home, a rain garden was installed to improve infiltration on the site. To improve indoor air quality, existing carpeting in the home was removed and replaced with hardwood. Formaldehyde-free insulation was installed, and a shoe removal area was designed at the home's entry. On the materials efficiency side, at least 85 percent of the construction waste was recycled, and removed materials were re-used or donated. Finally, rapidly renewable flooring and salvaged materials were installed.

Similar strategies were employed on the two units that were added to the site to bring them to the Built Green 4-Star level. Blown-in recycled content and formaldehyde-free insulation were used to bring the walls to a true R-23. A 95-percent efficiency gas boiler provides the radiant heating and on-demand hot water for the home, and a full suite of Energy Star appliances were used. As a result, the energy model showed a 15-percent improvement over the current energy code.

Indoor air quality was addressed through material selection and a focus on limiting toxins in the interior. Ceramic tile, pre-finished wood flooring, whole home radiant heating and limited use of carpet all help to limit the amount of dust in the home. Low-VOC paints, formaldehyde-free insulation and ventilation after application of new finishes helped limit chemicals in the home. Finally a rainscreen siding system limits the likelihood that water will get trapped behind the siding and cause mold.

The infill site is centrally located within walking distance to restaurants, bars, shops, public transportation and other amenities. Site landscaping features pervious patios and walkways along with drought tolerant plants to promote effective infiltration of water and low watering requirements. Dual-flush toilets and high efficiency showerheads and faucets were installed to reduce in-home water use.

Finally, on the materials side, extensive use of recycled materials were used including recycled content ceramic and glass tile and recycled-content countertops. The Hardie plank and metal siding also feature recycled content, as does the insulation and carpet pad. CDL Recycle provided a 90% recycling rate for the construction waste.

Merely a list of features does not do justice to the complete project though. While most builders choose to scrape the site and start fresh with a new project, a lot of effort went in to preserving the existing home on the site, providing a balance between the old and new, between the historical character of the neighborhood and the acknowledgment of the fact that that character is changing, along with the demographics. This project is Ballard in a microcosm, a bit old and a bit new, urban amenities with a suburban feel and definitively green.

Photos courtesy of Vicaso.

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Classes listed below are approved workshops for fulfilling the annual Built Green education requirement for certifying projects.

Air Sealing and Energy Efficient Detailing
May 4, Olympia
Like a windbreaker over a sweater, our homes need both good insulation and a continuous air barrier for the system to work properly. As we build and remodel toward much lower energy use, construction professionals need to build skills in air sealing, blocking thermal bridges and good thermal detailing to make houses really perform. This excellent workshop combines class time on the Building Science concepts with hands on practicum on an historic home remodeling project.

Green Specialist Designation Course
May 15 and 16, Seattle
This two day in-depth green training for mortgage lenders, real estate agents, real estate appraisers and property & casualty insurance agents will cover all aspects of green building and their application to the the mortgage, real estate sales, appraisal and insurance industries. It is also appropriate for builders or others who are just learning about green building.

Green Genius: Green Specialist - Certification Course
April 26, May 24 and June 28, Seattle
This Green Real Estate Specialist in-depth green training covers site and design; energy; water; materials; indoor environmental quality; maintenance and operations; green and energy efficient mortgages; the greening of the Multiple Listing Service; green appraisal standards; marketing and branding green; and tips on greening your business. Also included will be exceptional information for real estate agents defining green and its implications for home sales. Students who attend all three sessions will earn the national Green Real Estate Specialist (GRES) designation.

Introduction to Built Green®
June 11, MBA Housing Center, Bellevue
This class will provide an introduction to the Built Green program. Learn how to certify a project, use the checklist, join, navigate the program and take advantage of our other resources. It also presents examples of Built Green projects and covers how to fill out the Built Green checklist. This orientation costs $30 and is required in order to certify homes as Built Green. Register here.


New Certifications

Congratulations to:

DC Granger for certifying their three new single-family homes at 5031 40th Ave. NE, 5238 39th Ave. NE and 3810 Linden Ave. N. in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Lime Lite Development for certifying the remodeled home at 7062 20th Ave. NE in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Beau Development for certifying their three single-family townhomes at 158 A, B and C 22nd Ave. in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Refino Homes of WA for certifying four townhomes at 3324 A, B, C and D West Government Way in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Model Remodel for certifying the remodeled single-family home at 2422 NW 60th St. in Seattle as 3-Star Built Green.

Isola Homes for certifying 19 single-family homes in Seattle, Renton and Kirkland as 3-Star Built Green.

DC Granger for certifying the single-family house at 7531 9th Ave. NW as 5-Star Built Green.

Pulte Homes for certifying 20 single-family homes at Sunset Walk in Issaquah Highlands as 3-Star Built Green.

Richmond American Homes for certifying two new single-family homes at 11301 and 11350 5th Ave. SW in Seattle as 3-Star Built Green.

Build Urban for certifying two single-family homes at 191 and 195 36th Ave. E. in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.


MBA & BG News

Congratulations Aaron!
Earth Day, April 22, 2013 The Executive Director of Built Green, Aaron Adelstein, was awarded a prestigious King County Green Globe Award for being a Leader in Sustainable Building.

Green Globe Award

Photo courtesy of King County

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 Northwest Green Home Tour!
April 27 was a great day for green homes and environmental stewardship. Over 1,000 people came out to tour green homes for the 2013 Northwest Green Home Tour. The tour was produced by Built Green and the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild with the help of dedicated sponsors, volunteers and site hosts. Thank you all for supporting green building in our community!

LimeLite Development

Photo taken at LimeLite Development's Wallingford project. Photo courtesy of Why the Flies? Productions.

Looking To Hire?
Master Builders Career Connection can help. Association members can now make jobs visible to targeted candidates in their area by listing employment opportunities for free on their new-and-improved website,, which is designed to connect students, educators and people within the construction industry with potential employers, scholarship opportunities, grant opportunities, relevant resources and classes and skills training. So take advantage of this great resource. Visit the site and click "Jobs" to set up your free account.



Learning to S.E.E. (Sell Efficiency Effectively) Webinar: Capturing Attention
May 2
From the creators of the award-winning Efficiency Sales Professional (ESP) Certification Program come four fast-paced sessions that will turbocharge your success in getting projects approved. Most decisions are emotional decisions, and making energy-efficiency purchases and changes are no exception. Whether you're selling efficiency solutions or seeking project approvals, understanding what factors play a role in the decision-making process and knowing how to build rapport with key stakeholders vastly increase your odds of success. Learning to S.E.E. is a "pasta sampler" version of the more comprehensive Efficiency Sales Professional™ (ESP™) Program and will provide you with the insights, focus and skills you need to grow your market share, revenues, and profitability.

zHome Tour
May 9, Issaquah
The zHome Stewardship Center is now open and will be holding free monthly educational site tours. zHome is an innovative zero-energy 5-Star Built Green community in Issaquah Highlands. If you haven't had a chance to see one of the greenest multifamily building projects in the U.S. or just want to hear the latest on performance now that it's fully occupied, come join us on April 11 from 3 to 4 p.m. at 1715 9th Place NE in Issaquah, WA 98029.

Paint Collection Event
May 12, Seattle
Second Use and Novo Painting will hold a paint collection event Sunday, May 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The paint must be latex, and it must be usable. The paint collection is not free. Donators must give $1 for every quarter gallon they donate, $2 for every gallon and $5 for every five-gallon bucket. Paint will be divided among a few graffiti-removal groups and art programs. The remaining paint will go to MetroPaint in Portland, where paint representatives will process the paint and package it for reuse. Rest assured that your paint will go to a good cause, and it will not go uselessly to the landfill.

Window Installation Workshop 3
May 12, Seattle
Installing windows can be a tricky task for beginners, and mistakes can lead to leaks. However, a few dos and don'ts can make the job high-quality and efficient. Learn how to both remove a window and install a new one in this workshop on May 12 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. In the workshop, you will also learn about the different parts of a window and how the parts function together. The workshop is free, but an RSVP is required. Please contact Elena Velkov at (206) 763-6929, ext.110 or by email to reserve a spot. When you get in touch, please include the full name, e-mail address and phone number for each participant. You will receive an e-mail confirming your spot.

Resilient Design as a Driver of Sustainability with Speaker Alex Wilson
May 14, Seattle
Resilience is the ability to bounce back following a disturbance or interruption. In this presentation, Alex Wilson will address resilient design in the context of a transition toward sustainability. He will cover a wide range of practical solutions, from boosting energy performance of homes to maintain livable conditions during extended power outages to redesigning communities to function without gasoline and encouraging local food production. Presold tickets are $15 per person for members and students and $20 for nonmembers. Tickets are sold for $25 at the door.

Seattle Greendrinks
May 14, Seattle
Founded in 2003, Seattle Greendrinks' main event remains a monthly informal social-networking gathering. This gathering remains the core of Seattle Greendrinks' work. All are welcome to join us the second Tuesday of each month starting around 5:30 p.m. The goal of our group is pretty simple: we aim to create a space that fosters connections and good times shared among people working in (or interested in) environmental and sustainability issues.

Government Confluence '13
May 15, Seattle
The 2013 Government Confluence will gather sustainability leaders in the public sector from across the bioregion for an intensive day of inspiration and peer-to-peer learning. Government staff and elected officials will share success stories and address persistent challenges faced by local governments in advancing a sustainability agenda.

Confluence attendees will consist of elected officials, planners, engineers, city managers and civil servants who support a transformation toward a built environment that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.

The 2013 Government Confluence is co-hosted by Cascadia Green Building Council and King County Green Tools and is produced in conjunction with the Living Future unConference, which will share a theme of "Resilience & Regeneration" with the Confluence. Education sessions will focus on a new generation of policy, partnerships and infrastructure.

Living Future Conference
May 15 to 17, Seattle
How do we build, design and innovate in a changing climate? How can we reconcile our relationship with the natural world and form resilient, regenerative communities? Find out at Living Future 2013, the green building movement's leadership summit.

Join the world's preeminent deep-green practitioners in Seattle for advanced education sessions, unforgettable keynotes and provocative conversations at the only unConference rooted in the Living Building Challenge.

Designing your Rain Garden Workshopt
May 16, Kirkland
This workshop will teach you how to design and install a rain garden in your yard that will fight pollution, reduce flooding, add beatify and attract beneficial pollinators. You will go home with the tools needed to begin making a landscape plan for your yard!

Powerful Business Energy Conference, by Electric League of the Pacific Northwest
May 23, Bellevue
The purpose of the conference is to provide the business community with the information necessary to find partnerships and solutions that will save energy and money, improve comfort and enhance productivity in their facilities.

Essential energy-related ideas and operating tips will be taught in a series of four tracks. The tracks are designed for commercial building owners and managers, building operations staff, engineering staff, architects, consulting engineers, property developers and other parties interested in cost effective opportunities in commercial energy efficiency.


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