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October 2013


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Northwest EnergyStar

2013 Built Green Conference: Creating a Cascade of Change
Built Green Conference 2013

2013 Built Green Conference | Nov. 6, Woodinville, WA

Early Bird pricing ends Oct. 8!

The conference will feature keynote speaker Alexandros Washburn, chief urban designer at the New York Department of City Planning and is sponsored by King County. Other highlights of the conference include 12 educational and motivational sessions; an expo room featuring many companies, products and organizations that support the industry; and a networking reception to end the day. Lunch will be provided. Click here for more information.

Conference Passes:
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Buy your tickets now: click here.

Sponsored by: King County

Become a sponsor or vendor!
For information about sponsoring the 2013 Built Green Conference or showcasing your business or product at the 2013 Built Green Conference Expo, please contact Marketing Manager Sherry Miller by email or at (425) 460-8212.


BG Conference

Featured Project
Brightwater Center, Woodinville
Photo courtesy of Benjamin Benschneider.

2013 Built Green Conference education sessions will include:

Keynote Address

Speaker: Alexandros Washburn, New York City Planning
Community Resilience

Brightwater Waste Treatment Plant Tour
Tour Guide: Kristin Covey, Brightwater Environmental Education and Community Center, King County.

Building, Maintaining and Training Today's Residential Green Workforce
Dan Wildenhaus, Sr. Building Science Specialist, Fluid
Lauren Hadley, Program Administrator, South Seattle Community College's Georgetown Campus
Tara Anderson, Managing Director, SustainableWorks

Join these experts as they discuss how challenges and opportunities have been approached in community energy programs, trade association membership education, college credit courses and degree building. Also find out more about new approaches in modular field training. All content works towards the goal of a robust and growing green jobs market response.

H2O (Healthy Homes Optimization)
Cynthia Sullivan-Brown, CEO/Executive Director, A Renewable Earth Nisus
Energy efficiency optimization may have unintended consequences: negative ones. Buildings that are too tight can engender air quality issues. Combined with improper sealing that encourages moisture as well as retrofitting over existing problems, building dwellers may become ill and may also not realize the savings they were looking for. Above all, making homes more sustainable should not been done at the peril of the building dwellers' health. Instead, the building and its surrounding environment should be holistically analyzed for optimal efficiency for both energy usage and health outcomes.

Small Distributed PV Generation & National Security: The role of Integrated PV
Gary Shaver, President, Silicon Energy
Gary Shaver will present on the importance of distributed generation with respect to our national security and energy infrastructure.

The AMP Initiative (Asset Management Preservation)
Derek Johnson, Walsh Construction Company
The most economical buildings are not the ones built to code. They are projects built to last, with durability, health, efficiency and regard to our place in the world.

Bright Green Business with Limelite Development
Will Heaton, Founder, LimeLite Development
James Dainard, Founder, LimeLite Development
Todd Karam, Project Coordinator

Do Incentivized Green Building Programs Work?
Jess Harris, city of Seattle
David Barnes, city of Kirkland
Cathy Beam, city of Redmond

Three local jurisdictions using Built Green to promote their green building efforts think they do and want to tell you why. Several local jurisdictions are using Built Green as a measure in green-building incentive programs. The city of Seattle uses Built Green 4-star certification as the basis for its Priority Green permitting incentive as well as for achieving floor-area ratio and density in multifamily zones. In early 2008, the city of Kirkland adopted an expedited permit-review process that uses Built Green 4- and 5-star certification as the basis for its Green Building Program. Kirkland's program has since expanded to also using green zoning codes. The city of Redmond uses Built Green 4- and 5-star certification as a technique to qualify for incentives (such as flexible site standards and increased density) under its Green Building and Green Infrastructure Incentive Program. Projects building green qualify for expedited building permit review. The speakers will describe how their city's program encourages green building and will speak to the successes, lessons learned and the future of incentivized programs.

Marketing Green Homes
Aaron Fairchild, Green Canopy Homes
Megan Shay, The Shay Group
Tadashi Shiga, Evergreen Certified

Which green-home marketing strategies work and which don't? Our very distinguished, fun and good looking panelists will share with you their impressions of what the average homebuyer cares about when it comes to green building. Plus, find out how to get the most effective marketing from your listing agent. They will also discuss how to help buyers distinguish a truly green home from one that's been "green-washed."

Transforming Existing Communities
John Eliason, Development Director, King County Housing Authority
Michael Powe, Senior Research Manager, Preservation Green Lab
Joel Sisolak, Eco District Project Director, Capitol Hill Housing

As our communities age and continue to grow, redevelopment and rising density are a necessary part of that transformation. This session will expand upon the concepts introduced in the Keynote message and discuss how to maintain the existing character of urban and near-urban neighborhoods while updating them to meet current and future needs.

NWMLS Update
Fiona Douglas-Hamilton, SEEC Inc.
Ben Kaufman, KW Greenworks

Other Conference Topics
(These sessions are being finalized)
Energy Efficiency Urban planning Ongoing
Performance of Deep Green Homes



Classes listed below are approved workshops for fulfilling the annual Built Green education requirement for certifying projects.

Raising the Infrastructure IQ of the Puget Sound Region: Meeting the 2030 Challenge Intelligently!
Oct. 8, Seattle
NBIS and Accenture invite you to a breakfast symposium with action-oriented discussions aimed to increase capacity, augment impact and extend the 2030 District concept throughout the Puget Sound region. Learn and engage with local and global leaders in advancing smart cities: Kreg Schmidt and Steven Tiell, Accenture; Darrell Smith, Director of Facilities and Energy, Microsoft; Brian Geller, Executive Director, 2030 District Seattle; Councilmember Richard Conlin, Achieving Zero Waste; Amanda Sturgeon, Vice President, International Living Future Institute; Richard Gelb, Performance Measures Manager, King County; Corey Weathers, Catalyst 2030; Karl Ostrom and Mary Rose, NBIS; and more.

Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) Training
Oct. 15 and 16, Bellevue
CESCL certification is required in the state of Washington by the Washington State Department of Ecology for personnel responsible for construction stormwater inspections and sampling at construction sites. Students who complete the course will receive a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) card, good for three years.

The Northwest Environmental Training Center's 2-day CESCL course is a dynamic interaction between the traditional classroom style and hands-on exercises.

Webinar: Using the Cost Data Addendum for High Performance Homes
Oct. 16
Join SEEC LLC for this webinar sponsored by Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes that introduces builders to The Cost Data Addendum for High Performance Homes that was created for appraisers to provide them with local incremental costs associated with taking a home from code to a high performance certification. Learn from industry experts how to use the addendum, and hear from appraisers why this information is so important and how it is being used in appraisal assignments to support value for high performance strategies and features.

EcoBuilding 2013: Building Bridges, Pushing Boundaries
Oct. 18 to 20, Port Orchard
EcoBuilding, the Guild's annual retreat, is an unmatched opportunity to step outside your daily routine, get inspired by our fantastic speakers and connect with sustainable building professionals from all corners of the Pacific Northwest. Join The Guild this October where you'll learn from one another, share best practices and work together to drive the green building movement forward!

How to Pass a Blower Door Test & Why
Oct. 22, Olympia

The Washington state energy code has changed and blower door tests are required to test air leakage, which is a major contributor to heat loss. Certain performance is required for new construction, and additions over 750 square feet. Brent Foster, owner of Northwest Infrared, will be the featured speaker. Foster is a long-time energy auditor, air leakage tester and infrared specialist with specialized training and certification in building science applications. See more here.

GreenSpecialist Designation Course: Module 3
Oct. 25, Seattle

The GreenSpecialist Designation Course is designed to equip particularly real estate, mortgage lending, real estate appraisal and insurance professionals to face the growing needs of the green building market. According to McGraw-Hill Construction, green building is on track to becoming a $135-billion industry by 2015. Even during the depths of the recent recession, green building continued to grow and in some markets outpaced conventional building. This is a market that can't be ignored.


King County

King CountySave the Date:
Oct. 10,
An afternoon with Sim Van der Ryn

Sim Van Der Ryn Design for an empathic world

October Roundtable: Save the date for an afternoon of inspiration and reflection with one of this century's most exceptional visionaries in ecological design. Author, architect, educator and public leader, Sim Van der Ryn is a true pioneer in rethinking the intersection of the built, natural and social environments. His latest book, out in October, "Design for an Empathic World: Reconnecting People, Nature, and Self" (Island Press), recounts his own journey of discovery and calls for architects and designers to think more holistically about the effects of their work on themselves, the space's inhabitants and the earth. This special event roundtable will blend theory and practice, reflection and call for action, and appreciation for strides made with a vision of what needs to change in order to truly reduce human impact on the environment and improve our quality of life.

Plus, stay tuned for additional details about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an intimate hands-on, solutions-oriented workshop with Van der Ryn and a panel of local experts, and a tour of the host location, Technology Access Foundation!

Save the Date: November 14th, "Designing Suburban Futures" Island Press Author Event

November Rountable: Since the start of the Great Recession, more suburbs have become the site of distressed neighborhoods, empty strip malls, aging office parks and excess parking lots. Could they instead be centers of innovation and resilience? Yes, says June Williamson, co-author of "Retrofitting Suburbia" and author of the new book "Designing Suburban Futures: New Models from Build a Better Burb" (Island Press, May 2013).

This special roundtable event brings Island Press author and Associate Professor in the Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York June Williamson in to explore the potential to refit and reshape suburbs into thriving and vibrant communities, reflecting from the "Build a Better Burb" competition she helped conceive and organize in New York. With June and several local community partners, we will have an engaging discussion about what these ideas could look like in our region and where our needs are greatest, including buildings, infrastructure and the social and environmental landscape.



Free Webinar: Top Policies for Supporting Sustainable Buildings
Oct. 10
PFollowing a review of more than 200 green building policies from across North America, this free webinar will introduce you to a range of successful strategies used by governments to improve the performance of buildings in their communities.

Community-Based Social Marketing Workshops this October in Bellevue!
Oct. 15, Bellevue
This two-day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable behavior. Those who attend the workshop will learn the five steps of community-based social marketing (selecting behaviors, identifying barriers, developing strategies, conducting pilots and broad scale implementation) and be exposed to numerous case studies illustrating its use. As such, this workshop provides an in-depth exposure to community-based social marketing and provides participants with the knowledge they need to design and evaluate their own community-based social marketing programs. At the end of the workshop participants will have acquired sufficient knowledge to use community-based social marketing to develop successful programs and foster sustainable behavior. Registration includes the workshop and great lunch and morning beverages for $645, plus the "Fostering Sustainable Behavior" book, a very handy resource to help you implement change post-workshop.

EcoBuilding 2013: Building Bridges, Pushing Boundaries
Oct. 18 to 20, Port Orchard
EcoBuilding, the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild's annual retreat, is an unmatched opportunity to step outside your daily routine, get inspired by our fantastic speakers and connect with sustainable building professionals from all corners of the Pacific Northwest. Join The Guild this October where you'll learn from one another, share best practices and work together to drive the green building movement forward!

Green Seattle Day
Nov. 2, Seattle
Join the Green Seattle Partnership to celebrate and restore Seattle's beautiful forested parks for the 8th annual Green Seattle Day on Saturday, Nov. 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.!

Green Seattle Day creates meaningful ways to connect with nature and a healthy and vibrant community by coordinating the planting of native trees and shrubs in a park near you. The event takes place in 17 parks city-wide. Seattle's own West Duwamish Greenbelt is this year's central hub site, which will be hosted by Nature Consortium and Forterra.

Built Green Conference 2013
Nov. 6, Brightwater Center in Woodinville
We are so excited to be able to host this year's event at The Brightwater Environmental Education and Community Center. It is Brightwater's mission to be a "clean water interpretive facility... to educate and motivate the public to environmental stewardship and build community." Since it shares so many of the green building industry's core values, we believe Brightwater is a perfect location for the 2013 Built Green Conference. Get your tickets now!

10x10x10 Green Building Slam
Nov. 16, Seattle
The 10x10x10 Green Building Slam showcases 10 fast-paced, mind-blowing talks about remarkable green building projects in the Greater Seattle area. It is a fabulous opportunity to inform building-industry, government and university officials; homeowners (current and future); and students about the exciting things that push the green building envelope.


New Members

Are you a Built Green member and a member of the Master Builders Association? Then your company is designated with a small green tree on the Master Builders Association website as a Built Green member. Your company is also listed on the Built Green website.

Welcome to our newest member companies!

Sargent Construction Services, Inc.
MacPherson Exteriors
Huber's Custom Building, Inc.
Elliot's Construction LLC
Doug Guard Construction
King's Heating, Inc.
Plum Projects LLC
Meridian Builders, Inc.
Village Builders LLC
eBuilt Custom Homes


New Certifications

Congratulations to:

Steve Burnstead Construction for certifying their two single-family homes at 12202 and 12229 168th Court NE in Redmond as 4-Star Built Green.

Dwell Development LLC for certifying their five single-family homes at 4459, 4457, 4455 and 4453 Renton Ave. S. and 3153 S. Oregon St. in Seattle as 5-Star Built Green.

WG Clark Construction Co. for certifying their multifamily apartments at 18414 104th Ave. NE in Bothell as 3-Star Built Green.

Green Canopy Homes for certifying their eight single-family homes in Seattle as 3-Star Built Green.

Elliot's Construction for certifying their single-family home at 325 36th Ave. E. in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Doug Guard Construction for certifying their single-family home at 229 Whale Trail in Friday Harbor as 5-Star Built Green.

Ashworth Homes LLC for certifying their two single-family homes at 9340 and 9344 California Ave. SW in Seattle as 4-Star Built Green.

Richmond American Homes for certifying their 10 single-family homes in Seattle's Seola Garden as 3-Star Built Green.

Pulte Homes for certifying their 24 single-family homes in the Snoqualmie Ridge - Eagle Pointe community and Sunset Walk community in Issaquah as 3-Star Built Green.


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Built Green

There are four levels of sponsorship available to support the Built Green program, all tax deductible. To find out more about becoming a sponsor of Built Green, please see the sponsorship overview and the individual sponsorship plans. If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, please email the Program Director or call (425) 460-8230 for further information.


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