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Neiman Taber Architects: The Roost

As one of only three 5-Star certified multifamily projects in Seattle, The Roost is a high-performing, energy- and resource-efficient building with 33 residential units and one large commercial space. Designed by Neiman Taber Architects, this building has many leading-edge energy efficient systems, including a rooftop solar thermal array that provides the building with most of its domestic hot water, all LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, and a tight building envelope to reduce leakage to outside.

Beyond these energy features, the building also has WaterSense-certified plumbing fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping, and no grass on site for low water use. Health and indoor air quality were targeted by all low-VOC products and NAUF plywood for interior finishes.

Vital Stats



Location: Central District, Seattle
Star Level: 5-Star 
Checklist: Multifamily
Verifier: Evergreen Certified
Site and Water 185
Energy Efficiency 152
Health and Indoor Air Quality 160
Material Efficiency 114
  Total Score 611


Most of the units throughout the building are double-height lofts with a private bathroom, a built-in wardrobe, and a kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave. The floor-to-ceiling windows maximize daylight and the light and warm finishes make the space feel bigger and cozier. Many of the finishes used in the building were designed specifically for The Roost or custom built to fit into the space.

Neiman Taber Built Green 5-Star multifamily building The Roost entryway

In addition to the building material and energy saving tools used, the building itself was designed to foster community and be part of the area’s growing art scene. With the large common area kitchen and meeting space on the main floor and the smaller common kitchens located on each floor, the building encourages an environment where spaces for socializing and chores are intertwined to maximize resident interactions.

The majority of the ground floor was reserved for an arts nonprofit that could provide cultural resources to the residents and the neighborhood. And that hope was realized! With the help of the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, The Roost is now the national headquarters for Amplifier, an organization that works with community and grassroots movements to create art that helps support social change and guide it towards equality, dignity, diversity, truth, and beauty.

Built Green Highlights

Site and Water

  • All drought-tolerant landscaping and no grass on site
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures and toilets
  • Light-colored hardscaping and roof
  • Communal kitchens and commercial space in the building

Energy Efficiency

  • 39.6% more energy efficient than code
  • Fiberglass BIBS in exterior walls
  • 0.189cfm/ft2 @ 75Pa blower door score
  • Centralized solar thermal system for building-wide domestic hot water
  • All lighting LED and Energy Star
Neiman Taber Built Green 5-Star multifamily building The Roost living room
Neiman Taber Built Green 5-Star multifamily building The Roost stairs to bed loft
Neiman Taber Built Green 5-Star multifamily building The Roost solar thermal hot water system

Health and Indoor Air Quality

  • Low VOC paints, finishes, and adhesives
  • No added urea formaldehyde plywood used for cabinets
  • Low-pile carpet tiles in the hallways, no carpet in the units
  • VaproShield wrap with rainscreen installed under siding
  • Back dams installed at doors and windows

Materials Efficiency

  • Polished concrete flooring for below-grade level
  • Local/regional products used (siding, windows, lumber, sheetrock, pavers, cabinets, trim)
  • Recycled content carpet tiles and pads
  • Locally produced windows
  • Recycled content BIB and batts throughout the building
Neiman Taber Built Green 5-Star multifamily building The Roost commercial space for Amplifier nonprofit
Neiman Taber Built Green 5-Star multifamily building The Roost communal laundry and mail room

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