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TC Legend: 5-Star Semiahmoo Resort Home

TC Legend Homes built this two-story, 2,941 square foot, four-bedroom, Built Green® 5-Star certified home in the Semiahmoo Resort community of Blaine, WA. The home features a tatami room, bringing an element of the Far East into this otherwise Western-style home. The room will serve as a simple gathering space or a place for meditation.

Vital Stats



Location: Blaine
Star Level: 5-Star 
Checklist: Single-Family/Townhome
Verifier: E.Coe Company
Site and Water 117
Energy Efficiency 249
Health and Indoor Air Quality 127
Material Efficiency 115
  Total Score 626


As with all TC Legend Homes, it is constructed from Structural Insulated Panels, ensuring an air-tight envelope with minimal thermal bridging. In addition to being Built Green certified, this home is ENERGY STAR v.3.2 and EPA Indoor airPLUS certified. The home also features an elevator to facilitate aging in place.

TC Legend Homes Built Green 5-Star Semiahmoo home exterior
TC Legend Homes Built Green 5-Star Semiahmoo home living room
TC Legend Homes Built Green 5-Star Semiahmoo home tatami room

Built Green Highlights

  • A simple rectangular design to minimize exposed surface area
  • Orientation and window placement to optimize active and passive solar
  • Slab on grade with 4” under-slab insulation
  • Insulated concrete forms
  • Structural insulated panel construction (locally sourced)
  • Triple-bead mastic and tape for air sealing of all joints
  • Triple-pane windows
  • High-efficiency air-source mini-split heat pumps (5 heads) for heating/cooling
  • High-efficiency heat pump hot water heater
  • Energy Star refrigerators (2), dishwasher, exhaust fan, and ceiling fan
  • High-efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilator to ensure clean, balanced ventilation
  • A very low .35 (ACH50) air infiltration rating
  • Zero-VOC paint
  • 9.15kw photovoltaic solar system (locally fabricated)
  • Energy Performance: Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score of minus three (-3) with solar PV (38 without PV)
  • Two electric vehicle charging stations
TC Legend Homes Built Green 5-Star Semiahmoo home kitchen
TC Legend Homes Built Green 5-Star Semiahmoo home rec room

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