Help bring that number to 100%...for healthier living, bigger energy savings and a greener environment.

One house at a time, we can turn our neighborhoods from grey to green

Did you know that
30% of new homes
sold are now green?

Events &

For Built Green
in Seattle Area

Join us for a full day of networking and learning about the latest in green building. Come discuss innovative processes that can help solve our environmental issues and promote sustainable communities. This conference helps to educate individuals about innovations in the green building industry and sustainability. It is open to all building professionals, policy makers, and the environmentally-friendly minded public. 

Indoor Weather ReportIn August, we introduced a new campaign that celebrates the very real benefits of living in a Built Green home... and the meteorological conditions you might find in a home that isn't Built Green. The campaign revolves around six (incredibly clever, if we do say so ourselves) indoor weather reports exploring the drafts, leaks, and temperature fluctuations that non-Built Green homeowners face. Take a look at one of the videos!