Ulric Dihle/Malboeuf Bowie Architecture - 5-Star Single-Family Remodel

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Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 5-Star
Checklist: Remodel
Verifier: Evergreen Certified
Site and Water 97
Energy Efficiency 174
Indoor Air Quality 108
Material Efficiency 69
Total Score 448

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This 5-Star remodel of a single-family home in the Wedgwood neighborhood far surpasses the aesthetic and performance of most new construction projects in Seattle. Builder/Developer Ulric Dihle partnered with Malboeuf Bowie architects to bring this project to life. By incorporating a number of passive house construction methods, the home will stand for decades to come as a unique example of Built Green performance and durability.

Part of the environmental benefit of a remodel project is the avoidance of ground disturbance caused by excavating and land clearing for new foundations. This project is no exception, having re-used the entire foundation of the pre-existing home. Dihle then installed a new concrete slab floor with hydronic radiant heating tubes on the basement level. The upper floors also utilize hydronic heated floors powered by a high-efficiency Navien tankless combination boiler.

1.5 inches of rigid foam wrap the exterior walls of the home to eliminate thermal bridging across the envelope. The wall cavity is fully filled with open cell foam resulting in a consistent and even thermal envelope. A 6.7 kW solar PV array on the roof of the home provides renewable power that satisfies a large portion of the home's energy demand. The home was modeled to use 45% less energy than an equivalent code-built home.Built Green highlights include:

Site and Water

  • 100% pervious hardscaping
  • Decreased amount of turf grass
  • Drought tolerant plantings

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy consumption reduced by 45% as compared to a code-built home
  • 6.4 kW solar panel array
  • Air tightness of 1.8 ACH50
  • High-efficiency gas tankless combination boiler for radiant and DHW
  • LED lighting

Health and Indoor Air Quality

  • Continuously running highly efficient Zehnder HRV for ventilation
  • Low VOC paints, adhesives, finishes
  • No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) cabinets

Materials Efficiency

  • Extensive use of local and longer life cycle materials
  • Lumber reuse from deconstructed parts of existing home
  • Fiberglass composite windows

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Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff