InHaus Development - Solo Lofts - 4-Star Multifamily

TC Legend Homes
Vital Stats
Location: Seattle
Star Level: 4-Star
Checklist: Multifamily
Verifier: Evergreen Certified
Site and Water 190
Energy Efficiency 74
Indoor Air Quality 112
Material Efficiency 74
Total Score 450

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This 20-unit development in the heart of Ballard is a striking example of the trend to increase housing density in Seattle. Replacing an aging duplex, the new building provides 20 one- and two-bedroom dwellings with top floor double height lofts. Parking spaces are provided for half the units on the ground floor while a large bike storage area accommodates the other typical means of transportation for the residents. And since parking and transportation are such important issues in the neighborhood, InHaus made a successful bid to have two new Zipcars parked across the street from the development.

Vertical living often has the drawback of reduced open and green spaces. To address this, Solo Lofts has a large patio out back and a roof deck surrounded by a green roof which provides outdoor gathering areas and impressive views of the surrounding geography. Each unit was designed to maximize daylighting, a contributor to health and indoor environmental quality. The limited hardscaped areas on the grounds utilize pervious paving to help lower the impact on the city's stormwater system.

Units are heated by electric resistance wall heaters, but a layer of exterior mineral wool insulation was used in both the walls and roof to create a more efficient envelope with reduced thermal bridging. LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and high-efficiency bath ventilation fans also help reduce energy consumption. InHaus utilized exposed concrete for a number of finished walls and ceilings, which provides a unique aesthetic as well as a durable surface free of finish materials. The exterior of the building features extensive metal siding, another long-lasting choice.

Checklist highlights include:

Site and Water

  • 100% pervious hardscaping
  • 760 square feet of green roof
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Two Zipcar spaces added across the street

Energy Efficiency

  • Continuous exterior insulation - mineral wool
  • High-efficiency bath fans
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Energy Star appliances

Health and Indoor Air Quality

  • Low-VOC paints, adhesives and finishes
  • Exposed concrete walls and ceilings
  • Pre-finished flooring

Materials Efficiency

  • Long life materials - metal siding and concrete walls
  • Extensive engineered lumber
  • Recycled content quartz countertops

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Use pervious surfaces to reduce rainwater runoff