Energy Performance for Comfort and Savings

Energy Performance Matters

  This Built Green home has a 3kW photovoltaic array that returns electricity to the power grid.


Built Green homes can offer improved energy efficiency through well-designed heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water systems and upgrades, building envelope, lighting, and appliances. With improved energy efficiency your family will enjoy:

Monthly Savings
There are a lot of facets to home energy performance; different building techniques, materials, equipment. The Built Green program offers features that will save you money every month on your utility bills over a standard home.

  A solar hot water collector on the roof of a Seattle Built Green home heats most of the domestic hot water for residents.


Increased Comfort
Excellent insulation, high quality windows, and an efficient, effective heating, cooling, and ventilation system will ensure that your home feels cozy and warm on our cool damp winter nights, and cool and fresh when that summer sun shines.

Better Long Term Value
An energy efficient home will maintain better value in a region where energy savings ranks as a top priority for homebuyers. It's an excellent investment.

A Cleaner World
The electricity generated by fossil fuels for a single home puts more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than two average cars. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your home is contributing to a cleaner, more secure future.

Use low- emitting interior products and materials to avoid environmentally triggered illnesses